I took this photo in April, during a trip to Dominican Republic.

Under a tiny roof this guy shreds hundreds of coconuts a day (after first cracking them open with a sharp machete);  the outside temperature is way above 85 degrees.  He then boils the paste and after numerous other steps in the process, makes the precious coconut oil.  I was surprised to see this photo, as I took it really quick, feeling somewhat embarassed for staring at him.  Does the look in his eyes speak of his hard life, or his feelings for the colorful and loud tourists flashing their cameras around him?

Which photo best describes what I’m trying to say?


Making coconut oil


Making coconut oil - sepia



I like almost everything about this one

drinking fountains

Can’t wait to read yours!

1- do not ask for my opinion unless you really are interested in hearing it; don’t ask hoping to hear “you are so right”

2- don’t argue with me for the sake of having an argument; I can get really angry!

3- it is alright to be stupid; it is not alright to be stupid and lack humbleness

4- I love people with a healthy sense of humor; the others really bother me

5- it’s ok for men to cry; who the hell ruled that it’s not?

6- if you screw up, admit it!

7- demanding respect is for people from #3 above; earning it is for the rest of them

8- laughing at yourself should be mandatory

9- think of your own death at least once a day; it may make you a better person

10- there’s no such thing as too much laughter!


Peony b&w

I don’t have much to show, but these…


The Wild Rose

White and green

Yellow tiny flowers

although i’m 40 and most of my friends criticize me for  so much liking this (i have a blast reading it every day), i have to give you this website, just in case you didn’t know about it: