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I have a bad day…

Didn’t lose any weight, gained actually a couple of pounds…Now reading “Body For Life”, not sure if I could possibly do that…good book, though.

As a potential photographer, here’s where I would like to see my efforts, at this level…Wonderful photos like this one can be found on blurbomat.com



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And my favorite one :


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I took these pictures in the main lobby of the building that I work in; the light was not so good (6 a.m., no natural light…sigh!) and people staring at me didn’t help much, either.


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Another favorite

My good and very patient friend allowed me to go crazy on shooting photos of her superb baby, Austin.  Looking through the pictures I came across a few that are very dear to me:



Can’t wait for Photo shoot #2!

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I found that I am a bit tired of photoshoping, especially when it comes to nature photos.  Whatever I capture, that’s what it is!  Period.  Photoshoping is fun, but I have the tendency to alter the photos too much; later on, looking at originals, I am kind of disappointed with myself…Well, when it comes to portraits, I still love photoshoping :))

Here’s one that I took on an early (super early) November morning, from my window (no tweaks added):


And then another one 🙂


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My Favorite Drink

It is an alcoholic (alcohol 20.5%, 21%, 25% and even 28% depending on which country it is purchased) aperitif obtained from the infusion of sixty ingredients, combined and macerated in a blend of distilled water and alcohol. It is a type of bitters.

It was invented by Gaspare Campari between 1862 and 1867. Today the product is still composed of the same original ingredients, thanks to a formula which has remained a secret for almost 150 years.  It is obtained from the infusion of bitter and aromatic herbs, plants and fruit in alcohol and water.

And this amazing drink is…




In the Italian market, Campari mixed with carbonated wateris sold in individual bottles as Campari Soda (10% alcohol by volume).

I truly don’t understand why none of my friends, relatives, aquaintaces, etc. like it.  The only person that enjoys it almost as much as I do is my husband.  Please promise me you’re gona try it.  Mix it with carbonated water, ice cubes and lemon and/or orange juice + thin slice to garnish.  To. Die. For.

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Hello friends,

I hope you had some time off during the holidays and you spent it properly (overeating-drinking-sleeping, etc).

My family from Chicago invited us over for the holidays.  There, we witnessed the existence of the biggest dog on earth, who just one year ago was the tinniest puppy.  See if I’m kidding you:

Max – Jan 08


Max – Jan 09


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