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May all your wishes come true in the new year!  Have fun and don’t forget to take your meds!  Eat and drink all you can so you’ll be fat like me! 

How many inches of snow do we have here?


Or here?


I’m not sure if they are chatting here, or trying to intimidate each other


Nah, it’s just pure love


Happy Holidays!


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Christmas! Soon!

My Christmas tree is up and loaded with too many ornaments.   Christmas is my favorite holiday and not necessarily because of its religious connotations, but merely for the excitement of having my brothers and sisters-in-law over, eating, cooking, drinking.  Then it is so cold outside and the fireplace makes the living room sooo cozy, especially in the evening.  Magic is excited too, as she always is when there’s commotion in the house. 

So, although this is not the right time to start a diet + daily exercise, I did.  I managed to do at least 30 minutes on my elliptical machine every day, starting two weeks ago, Dec. 9th.  I only lost 3.5 pounds so far, which is not much…but at least I didn’t gain any…

Anyway, here’s my tree:


Oh, and here’s Magic sniffing God knows what in the snow:


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I spent all Saturday looking for cars.  I want an AWD, mini SUV, 2.4 cylinders, great looking, leather inside, sun-roof, navigation system, heated seats, impeccable used condition, and …$250 monthly bill for it.  I know, I was already told (by somebody close to me) that I have a defected brain.  Still, I’ve tried a few and Honda CRV (2007) rocks!

On my way to Subaru dealership, while waiting for the green light, I saw the most amazing thing!  I seriously had to blink and re-position my head (like Magic when she hears  something unusual) when I saw THIS:


And then he (or she) crossed the street gracefully, while I almost dropped my camera trying to capture this:


You know, I was really happy to see him!

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Economic gloominess

Are we in an economic depression, or recession?  Whichever is true, we all try to cut back on spending.  Still, we are asked to give and help the poor, less fortunate, etc.  What do you do?  How do you, personally, cut on spending?  Or better, how does this depression/recession affect you?  Are you able to maintain your previous living standards?  Do you feel that you afford less and less?  I know, this is no photography posting.   Oh, wait!  Just took this photo early this morning, I gues it does relate to the subject, so it’s still a photo blog 🙂

Are you worried about losing your job, paying your monthly bills?


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It’s been snowing for days now, and over the weekend the snowflakes were huge!  It’s beautiful though, beautiful enough to get over the madness of not being able to make it to the garage (house located on top of the hill), or falling in the snow several times while holding 15 large grocery bags. 


Please don’t be surprised to see my son riding his bike in 9″ snow…He’s just….special!


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