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After several attempts, I managed to photograph some very happy ducks and birds today.  They were quite noisy and couldn’t stop moving! 



I like the colors reflected in the water, around the colorful duck


Are these little birds seagulls????  They look like, but are too small, right?


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Just look at his wondering little face!  Surrounded by people exclaming “look how cute he is!”, little Austin stayed calm and smiled all the time.  I love you Austin!

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Ever since I saw this photo on blurbomat.com (he sells a wide selection of excellent artistic photos on etsy.com), I keep thinking of starting a collection of photos of streetlights.  And I will.  Soon.  Although I can’t get even close to this perfect one…

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Instead of learning my camera’s settings, I too often play with the Photoshop Elements 6.  I have a couple of Dali’s prints in my office, therefore I had to come up with something inspired by them :))

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I am practicing close-ups of objects, and I’m not so happy with the results.  I really messed up all the ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed settings….Here’s my first attempt.

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Nature and not only

My son called me crazy for doing this, but I took this ceramic decor vase outside, sat it on some chopped wood covered with leaves and took a picture.  Sometimes I wonder what my neighbors think of me.

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This is one of my favorite.  I had a hard time chosing between color and black&white, so I sent it to about twenty friends.  The votes for B&W were by far outnumbering the ones for color, so here it is.

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